How much for cuban cigars?

Where to buy legit Cuban cigars online

In addition the Communist government of Cuba exercises a firm hold over the cigar industry. While this means that strict quality controls are in place, it also allows officials in Havana to control supply and keep prices high. This in turn makes the cigars more desirable.

Cuba might be synonymous with cigars, but there are rival producers out there. In fact, aficionados claim that certain Nicaraguan cigars are actually higher quality than their Cuban rivals. For casual smokers, however, nothing beats the allure of a Cuban cigar.

Where to buy good cigars onlineAre Cuban cigars really better?

    • Brand: Habanos S.A.
    • Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH. Filler: Cuba. Binder: Cuba. Wrapper: Cuba. Preferred Vitola: 5.63 x 54 Corona Gorda. Assembly: Partagas [Havana Vieja, Cuba]
    • H. Upmann Magnum 54. Filler: Vuelta Abajo, Cuba. Binder: Vuelta Abajo, Cuba. Wrapper: Vuelta Abajo, Cuba. Preferred Vitola: 4¾ x 54 Gordito. Assembly: H. Upmann, Havana, Cuba.
    • Cohiba Siglo III. Filler: Cuba. Binder: Cuba. Wrapper: Cuba. Preferred Vitola: 6⅛ x 42 Corona Grandes. Assembly: Partagas, Havana Vieja, Cuba. Body: Mild – Medium.
    • La Gloria Cubana Serie D N°5. Filler: Cuba. Binder: Cuba. Wrapper: Cuba. Preferred Vitola:4⅓ x 50 Petit Corona. Assembly: Partagás, Havana Vieja, Cuba.

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