Best online cigars shop, Sure, we smoke lots of cigars, but we’ve all got a favorite smoke that we just can’t live without and we bet you do too! You know, your go-to that is always and forever in your humidor – unless it’s not… because you forgot to place your order!

We’ve all done it, and we know how it feels to open a humidor in anticipation of that one super-special smoke only to find… disappointment. But those days are over! With Cuban World Auto Ship, you’ll never be caught without your favorite cigars again! (Plus, it makes a great gift for the cigar fans in your life!)

How does Auto Ship work? Best online cigars shop

You pick out your cigars, you select the frequency at which you want to receive them, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy… not to mention cheap; there is no extra charge for this great service!

So how much does Auto Ship really cost?

Nothin’ more than your cigars and the shipping fee! Like we said, this service is available to our customers at no extra charge.

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