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Partagas cigars for sale, Partagas cigars began in Havana, Cuba in 1845.

For years, their premium Cuban cigars were some of the bestsellers in the world. Although these original Cuban blends were highly-rated, the best was yet to come from Partagas. Today, Partagas cigars are handmade cigars in the Dominican Republic, and although they are in a new factory, this brand never forgot its Cuban roots.

As their slogan conveys, this factory is now responsible for “the richest cigars in the world.” This Cameroon-wrapped, Cuban-esque blend easily lives up to that name. Light one up, and you’ll taste a robust blend of sweet natural tobacco, cedar, and earth. These cigars are smooth, making them perfect for anytime of the day.

Try Partagas cigars, and I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re strolling the streets of 19th century Cuba. Try from here.

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