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Besides taking in the scent and the selection of mouthwatering handmade at your nearest premium retail Site here, you’ll likely zero in on the packaging as much as the cigars themselves. The boxes and bands that identify our favorite cigars truly set them apart. Few consumer products are adorned with the vivid detail found on cigars boxes. And inside the box, some cigars come in tubes, also called turbos. Why are some cigars concealed in an individual tube and what purpose does it serve?

Why Do Cigars Come in Tubes?


Some cigars are packaged in wood, glass, or aluminum tubes. Aluminum is the most common. Cigar tubes are useful for a number of reasons. First and foremost, cigar tubes serve a utilitarian purpose. As is the case with cellophane, a tube keeps unwanted fingerprints off a cigar. A tube also offers added protection when a cigar is being transported or handled in a retail environment.

When you’re grabbing a few cigars to toss in your jacket, glove box, suitcase, or golf bag, cigars that come in tubes are a logical choice. Squeezing a single cigar or a ziplock with a few inside into a tight space can quickly destroy the patience, effort, and handiwork that went into rolling them. The wrappers can crack and get shredded. Or, if you’ve ever accidentally sat on a cigar you were keeping in your back pocket, a tube is a great way to avoid disappointment.


Cigar tubes are excellent for marketing purposes. Putting a cigar in a tube costs a little more than sliding it into a cellophane sleeve (many cigars in tubes are also protected by cellophane inside the tube). But, a tube is a great way to captivate the consumer visually. It’s an opportunity to show off the color scheme and branding on the cigar’s band with a bigger impact.


Cigars make great gifts. You may not want to buy a full box or a sampler, though. Sometimes one cigar says it all, or you maybe you just need a last-minute stocking stuffer. Cigars in tubes are perfect for showing your appreciation for your favorite cigar lover. You can walk up and stick a cigar in a tube in his or her pocket without damaging it. Plus, if your recipient doesn’t have a humidor, a tube will keep the cigar fresh longer.

Should Cigars in Tubes Be Stored in a Humidor?

Yes. A tube will maintain a cigar’s humidity and freshness longer than if a cigar is left out in the open. However, eventually the humidity will dissipate, even from a tube. If it’s going to be a while before you smoke your cigar, put it in a humidor or a ziplock bag with a source of humidity (some cotton balls soaked in distilled water will work). Unscrew the end of the tube to let the moisture access the cigar if you’re storing it.

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