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Your Humidors for sale cheap with over 80 years at the top of the cigar game, we’ve learned a thing or two about stogie storage. You’ve gone ahead and picked up some tasty cigars – the next step is to keep them safe – because cigars don’t last long outside of them. Maybe 1-2 weeks at most. To keep those sticks fresh, you want the good stuff. Top-quality features. Here at Famous, we can help.

What makes a good humidor?

Most importantly, a Spanish cedar-lining. All our humidor selections (aside from travel humidors and jars) have them, so you can rest assured you’re not just getting some box…you’re getting the best cigar humidor for your individual needs. Humidors also must seal properly and let enough air in to circulate while keeping the humidity in. And finally, hardware and construction that’s built to last. We ensure every humidor we offer features all of this – satisfaction guaranteed.

How much does a good humidor cost?

That all depends on what you need. A humidor that holds 25 cigars will cost less than a humidor that holds 100, just like a barebones model will cost less than one with flashier features – but they all offer the same protection for your prized cigar stash. Desktop models, glass tops, cabinets, and even high-capacity humidors that’ll hold more cigars than there are days in a year – they’re all available here at low Famous prices. Even if you’re hitting the trail, or just camping for the weekend, we offer top travel humidor solutions, too.

High-impact protection for smoking on the go via a wide selection of travel humidors with air-tight protection from dirt, falls, humidity changes, and the elements. Humidors for sale cheap, Your cigars will be ready for any adventure you take on.

The Best Humidor Boxes for Your Cigars

That’s right…your search is over. Whether you’re storing a few cigars or a few hundred, our cigar storage selection covers it all. No more nose to the wind, sniffing out the best deals on a new cigar humidor. Rest assured that you’ll be spending less when you get it from Famous Smoke Shop – browse all our humidor deals now!

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