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Rocky Patel Cigars

Charismatic cigar-maker Rocky Patel blends a popular and ever-growing

portfolio of top-rated cigars. The 95-rated Rocky Patel Decade, 94-rated Rocky Patel The Edge Habano, and 90-rated Rocky Patel Renaissance represent just a few of his most prominent releases.

Rocky Patel cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras from wide variety of premium long-filler tobaccos and well-known wrapper varietals, including Connecticut Shade, Ecuador Habano, Connecticut Broadleaf, San Andrés, and more. Fans of Rocky Patel cigars often count the brand’s bestselling bundles like the ‘RP’ Mulligans franchise and ‘RP’ Short Run Limited Edition as their favorites thanks to the unbeatable everyday savings they offer. Discover your favorite Rocky Patel blends from the biggest Rocky selection in the country!

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