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Trinidad Cigars

Cuban-legacy brand Trinidad has maintain deep roots in the premium cigar world for decades. Although Trinidad cigars are commonly associated with their Cuban origins, a handful of quality releases have debuted in the U.S. premium cigar market over the past decade, including Trinidad Reserve and Trinidad Paradox. Trinidad presents a great opportunity for value-conscious connoisseurs who appreciate the appeal of a reputable brand name. Both Trinidad Reserve and Trinidad Paradox offer patiently aged, handcrafted profiles that deliver rich transitions of flavor. Plus, the makers of Trinidad have appointed Holt’s to promote the brand at the lowest prices in the entire country. Try a Trinidad cigar at an unbelievable price today!


These tasty cigars share an interesting history: originally introduced at Havana’s
El Laguito factory in 1969, Trinidad Cuban cigars were once a prized cigar of the island nation’s government.
They were once use as official gifts from Cuban diplomats – not as extensively
aged as Castro’s prized Cohibas, but sharing similar blend components they were still worthy of gifting to ambassadors from around the world. Trinidad cigars would soon meet Cuba’s mass market in the late 1990s.
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Around the same time, a non-Cuban Trinidad cigar was introduced – and various line extensions would follow:

Trinidad Paradox is a modern take on the Cuban classic, box-press for a fuller-bodied smoking experience that’s rich and bold.

Made with Cuban-seed San Andrés Criollo ’98 wrappers, Dominican Piloto binder and Nicaraguan filler blend, this non-Cuban Trinidad cigar still brims with the exotic taste of the original.

Trinidad Cigars’ Lost Blends series were a limited edition offering of cigars discovered in the depths of their cedar aging room; they were released to the

public in late May 2015.

Trinidad is now available in 3 blends Trinidad EspirituTrinidad Espiritu Series No. 2, and Trinidad Esteli by Plasencia

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