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Fonseca cigars are known for being elegant mellow cigars and have been enjoyed by aficionados throughout the ages.

Secondly, Fonseca has found a lot of success in the global market, notably due to the charismatic tobacconist the brand is named after.
Francisco E. Fonseca was a popular Cuban tobacconist and was widely admired for using the finest quality tobacco in his cigars, .

Don Fonseca established his first factory just outside Havana, Cuba in 1892.

Being located outside of the expensive city centered allowed more money to be spent on hiring some of the best torcedors on the island.
The Don and his wife, Teresa Boetticher, immigrated to the United States in 1903.

The two wanted to raise their four children in America, three of which were named Francisco. Don Fonseca split his time between his family in New York and his cigar company in Cuba.

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